Rising Tide Law is a client-centeric law firm that puts client's best interest first.

Clients Testimonials

"With it having been my first time dealing with any sort of legal issue, Julian made what could have been the scariest time of my life as easy-going as possible!! He understood and listened to my concerns, was readily available at all times to answer all of my questions, and reassured me that he would do everything he could to make sure that things worked out in my favor, and I got the best outcome; and THAT HE DID!! I highly recommend Julian and his associates at Rising Tide Law!!"
- Nisha F.
"Julian is a good lawyer. He got on my case right away and he took his time to break everything down to me and I was paid within a good timely manner it did not take long at all.i would very much so recommend this law firm to you great team to work with."
- Tiffany W.
"Was very pleased with their services and never felt neglected or the urge to have to call and check On things they kept in contact with me regularly. Their app made all documents and paperwork very easy. Did 99% over my phone they made no promises other than to do the best that could be done in my case by law. And they went above and beyond. On a scale of one to ten.. they are a 12.  Have told all my family and friends about them and should the need arise.... I shall use them again in the quickness."
- Donald D.

Why Rising Tide Law?

The mission and vision behind Rising Tide Law is simple. We are a client-centric law firm that puts our clients first in every way. From the highest level of expertise, to utilizing world class technology, to providing the best client experience in the market through access to information and your legal team 24/7, we make our clients our number one priority. In a world where experience is everything, we are a forward thinking law firm that provides the same level of experience you receive in other areas of your life.  This is what you deserve as a client, and Rising Tide Law is here for you.

You Deserve the Best

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